This isn’t goin to work with Sam if this is how it’s going to be

I thought you should know that Sam. I expect you to want to see me I’m sorry if that’s too much to ask…

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Okay bye Bridget

Bye. Goodbye. Won’t be seeing you around then.
I need to deal with you on top of all the other shit now too? Great so you’re just done with me. I don’t expect the invite to your place to drink anymore… Was kinda looking forward to that tbh… I was looking forward to us maybe being friends again but….guess not
Sam… Well vacations fuck up relationships. Lets be real honest you spend a week or two away from me and you don’t see me the same way I go back to being the obsessive, perverted, soccer geek…. Not attractive at all anymore.. Lust ruins relationships. My fault
I want to finger you. Like as soon as we have alone time… My fault…. But I don’t think you’re on the same page even tho you kinda are. I’m so stuck, I want you to want me sexually, why’d you change in front of me? You didn’t ask me to turn around or anything… Wishful thinking but you’re trying to show me your boobs… Idk. Maybe you wanna go further with me But I know I want it and I can’t You can’t want it Bc I’m gonna ruin this relationship and be left alone This relationship is all I have left… It is literally all I have left:’(

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This is going to be tough

Tougher than I thought I may have been dealing with myself a little too much…. Bit of an addiction but I’m done… No more of that. If Sam wants to deal with this she can and I want her to but I’m gonna wait for that… And idk

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128.8 ……
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Sorry I’m back

This is how it starts. Wants to break up our make out early, doesn’t have a desire to see me again…. Stops leaving classes, we stop hanging out, convos become boring, she starts using excuses to not text me…. Stops kissing me, breakup.
And that’s how it works bc she just lost interest and bam. It’s over as soon as it started
She was hot in her sweatshirt tho and actually changed in front of me…. So… I got a good look at her and she could’ve just changed later or gone to the bathroom or made me turn around if she wasn’t comfortable she WOULDN’T have done that. Idk. I liked that
Do either she’s trying to drop a hint, or she wants me to see her like that, she thinks I’m gay (not the case) or we’re just really good friends…. Also probably not the case… So there IS a good sign here.
And I also quit masturbating … I’m done with that any sexual needs are filled by her when the time is ready like a proper relationship.

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Basically a blog for me to bitch and vent.

Uhm you weren’t what I thought. I thought you were a crazy lustful teenager. And you’re not. You’re calm. You had bad times where you just needed attention to

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